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Safety whips Canada


Each vehicle safety whip is Canadian-made in Northern Alberta. Naoka's quality assurance process meets Canadian standards, exceeds Oil Sands Safety Association requirements, and redefines the industry benchmark for Safety Equipment. 


Vehicle safety whips and buggy whips are used to identify vehicles or equipment on industrial work sites. We offer a selection of whips that are made to provide the highest level of safety, visibility, and reliability in the industry. Every warning whip is made with top-quality LED lights and materials built to withstand the cold Canadian winters. 
We provide warning whips for a number of different industries including mining, construction, government, racing, and power sports. We also offer culvert markers to enhance the safety and visibility of locations and settings.


The brightest star in the Northern sky. 

Vehicles equipped with the Sirius Fully Lit Whip will be noticed by larger equipment operators in all Canadian weather conditions. 

Each whip includes a florescent flag with reflective materials that are visible from a distance day or night. Each flag also comes with a unique grommet that allows for the pole to be bent and secured without risk of damaging the LEDs. 

Sizes Available:

Sirius Whip


As bright as the Northern Lights

The Aurora Whip comes with stainless steel bases, attached to a heavy-duty steel spring. The whip is secured using marine-grade materials to prevent water ingression and rated for extreme temperatures (-55° to +121°).

The Aurora Whip is highly visible from a distance. Vehicles equipped with the Aurora Whip will be noticed by larger equipment operators in any weather condition; day or night. 

Sizes Available:



Where the stars take form

Nebulous Non-Lit Whips are designed as an easy and effective way to clearly identify and protect the ends of drains, culverts, and other utilities in a variety of locations and settings.

Naoka Inc.’s highly visible yellow fibreglass pole
is equipped with a neon orange flag and stainless steel base
with the option of a carbon steel spring.

Crews and drivers can see an asset from a distance
with the Naoka Inc. Nebulous Whip.  

Sizes Available:


Those interested in QUALITY Choose Naoka Inc.

All Naoka buggy whips are Canadian Manufactured in Northern Alberta. 

Quality Assurance
processes meet and exceed the
Oil Sands Safety Association

Naoka Products redefine the
industry benchmark for
Safety Equipment.

Vehicle Safety Whips Canada
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