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Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business announces Indigenous Women in Leadership award recipient

Indigenous entrepreneur, Shelly Mandeville, is recognized for her leadership from the

Northwest Territories to Alberta and beyond.

Shelly Mandeville is a Dene-Métis entrepreneur who is currently the CEO and cofounder of three companies operating in her home territory, as well as Alberta. She started her first business In Synch Consulting Inc. (ISCI) in 2008, and went on to start two other businesses, Naoka Incorporated, and Wildrose Contractor Supports Ltd. Throughout her career, Shelly has continued to work with Indigenous communities and advance economic development.

“With her determination, hard work, and integrity, Shelly Mandeville embodies a leading woman in business and is an inspiration to many,” said Tabatha Bull, President & CEO, Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. “With her work in Indigenous communities and Indigenous employment, she represents CCAB’s vision and is more than deserving to be the recipient of the Indigenous Women in Leadership award.”

Shelly not only owns three companies, but she is also a constant advocate for socio-economic consciousness. Instrumental to the creation of Aspiring Women in Leadership and Legacy (AWILL), she also serves on many boards, including past chairwoman for Apeetogosan Métis Development Inc., ViceChair for the National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association, and Chairwoman of Boyle Street Aboriginal Services.

CCAB’s IWIL award recipients are leaders and mentors; they are politically and nationally engaged businesswomen that contribute to the lives of Indigenous people and business.

“I am absolutely honoured to be selected and to be positioned amongst the past winners of this award whom I regard to be of such high esteem,” said Shelly Mandeville. “As an Indigenous woman without access to generational wealth, I have built something from nothing, and it is my wish that other Indigenous women find the strength to also believe in themselves. I am optimistic that Canada is at a pivotal moment where Indigenous women can finally take their rightful position in our society. I am proud to be an example for the next generation demonstrating that, no matter our history and hardship, we can harness

the strength we inherently possess, and make real advancements.”

The Indigenous Women in Leadership award is proudly sponsored by LNG Canada. On June 16, 2022, Shelly is to be honoured at CCAB’s IWIL Business Forum in Calgary, Alberta.

“On behalf of LNG Canada, I extend the warmest regards and congratulations to Shelly Mandeville on receiving this year’s Indigenous Women in Leadership Award,” said Denita Mcknight, Director, Corporate Affairs, LNG Canada. “For years Shelly’s tremendous entrepreneurial skills, combined with her determination and passion for people and projects, have advanced important initiatives and organizations, and created business opportunities benefitting many communities. Shelly is a role model and an inspiration to all, and very deserving of this recognition.”

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